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ally established in 1982, giving a big boost to agricultural production. Xu Guizhen said "After the farmland was divided up and handed over to households, we had enough food and never went begging again."Zhang Xiuying said "Life got better after we got our piece of farmland. We grew enough g▓rain to feed the family, we didn't need to buy ▓grain anymore."U.S. professor endeavors to present today's China through literary translationU.S. professor endeavors to present today's China through literary translation11-24-2019 10:4▓5 BJTNEW YORK, Nov. 23 -- When he was a boy in the 1970s, Charles A. Laughlin would sometimes follow hi

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nesota. "Immediately after you walk in▓, the strong smell of dried fish or other kinds of pungent spices hit you right away. And it creates a s▓ense of fascination," said Laughlin, professor of Chinese l▓iterature and chair of the Department of East Asian Languages, Literatures and Cultures a▓t the University of Virginia.Those visits to the Asian s▓upermarket and Chinese restaurants had led t▓o Laughlin's decision to study Chinese in his second year at the University of Minnesota. Now, for ▓the 55-year-old professor, it has already been his "congenial career" to study and translate contemporary an

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坱 works to use," said Laughlin. The names included Lu▓ Xun, Mao Dun, Cao Yu, and Ba Jin, mostly authors from the ▓first half of the 20th Century.More and more C▓hinese writers and critics have since entered the international arena, he said. In▓ Oc

tober 2012, novelist Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Pr▓ize in Literature for his work that "with hallucinatory realism merges folk tales, history and the contemporary.""It's hard for me to keep up with all of the great (Chinese) authors who are be

ing brought into English," he said. "So I've been responding to that by teaching less and less of the early major authors from 10▓0 years ago."What also caught Laughlin's attention is the emergence of Chinese science ficti▓on, particularly Liu Ci

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xin's Hugo Award-winning Three-Body ▓Problem, in recent years."They are becoming not only p

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opular among Chinese readers, but also across the▓ world," he said. "There seems to be a lot more excitement and attention to them than any other movement or group of Chinese writers who has emerged since the 1980s. So I adopt more and more of this."The

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ience fiction int▓o Chinese" and Lu Xun, Lin Shu and many other important Chinese authors of the early 20th century h▓ad translated Western science fiction."Now Chinese sc▓ience fiction is becoming globally influenti▓al. I think it's a great phenomenon," he said. "So there's a kind of full circle here."FLAVOR▓ OF TODAY'S CHINAWhen he and professo▓r Liu Hongtao from Beijing Normal U▓niversity were selecting the novellas for thei▓r 2016 book "By the River: Seven Cont▓emporary Chinese Novellas," Laughlin said they were looking for works of today's China that conveyed the fabric of contemporary experience in

n their own piece o▓f land. This sounds simple, but what happened in Xiaogang Village was a bold step towards r